Check out the latest updates to make your video testimonials shine on
We are excited to announce the release of several new video testimonial feature updates for SocialPrf.
These updates were made based on feedback from users like you, and we hope they will enhance your experience with our product.
Video Overlays
: The name and avatar of the user will now be beautifully overlayed on the video.
Video carousals
: Display video testimonials as a beautiful carousal.
Videos of all aspect ratios will now look beautiful, regardless of how they were recorded (mobile or desktop).
Download videos
: You can now download the video from socialprf for use elsewhere.
Video Carousal
5) Additionally, we have made updates to our API, including new parameters that can be found in the documentation here.
6) More AI Help: You can now use our Open AI integration to create messages to request testimonials, request/prompt messages on the landing page.
We hope these updates will make it even easier for you to use our Display Widget and showcase your testimonials in the most effective way.
As always, please don't hesitate to contact us with any feedback or questions.
Import/ Manage and Display Chrome Store Reviews
Today we released a new feature for businesses building Chrome Extensions.
As a chrome extension business, you know how competitive the market can be. With thousands of extensions available in the Chrome Web Store, it's important to stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition. One way to do that is by focusing on customer reviews and testimonials.
SocialPrf now offers a chrome extension that allows you to do just that. With the SocialPrf chrome extension, you can easily import your existing chrome store reviews into SocialPrf, monitor for new reviews, respond to both positive and negative reviews using AI, and display the reviews on your own site through beautiful widgets.
Crisp.Chat Integration - Request Testimonials Automatically through Chat
Attention all and users! We are excited to announce the integration of with
As a startup, customer feedback is crucial to your success. It not only helps you improve your products or services, but it also serves as social proof, helping to build trust and credibility with potential customers.
That's why we're excited to announce the integration of with Crisp.
For those unfamiliar with, it's an app that helps users collect, manage, and display customer reviews.
Crisp, on the other hand, is a chat support app that allows businesses to communicate with their customers in real time.
By integrating these two tools, you'll be able to quickly request for testimonials or reviews as soon as a support query is marked as done.
This is a prime opportunity to capture positive feedback from satisfied customers.
But that's not all. With, you can also manually request reviews at any time, and gather testimonials on sites like G2 and Capterra. These reviews can then be displayed on your site through beautiful widgets, helping to build trust and boost your sales.
As a startup, every little bit of social proof can make a big difference. The integration of with Crisp makes it easier than ever to gather and showcase customer reviews, helping you build a strong reputation and drive more sales. So if you're a Crisp user, be sure to update your app and take advantage of this powerful integration
Display Widget Improvements
Attention all widget designer users! We are excited to announce a number of small improvements to our widget designer.
  1. You now have the ability to change the color of the star ratings to match your brand needs. For example, you can change the star color to green to match the trustpilot stars.
Star Color
  1. You can now choose to show or hide review dates in widgets using a new configuration option.
  1. Trustpilot reviews now include a 'Title' along with the review when imported into the widget.
  2. We have added two new design options - 'Bold' and 'Quote' - to the widget designer. The 'Bold' design allows you to fix the height of the widget, adding a scroll bar for longer reviews. The 'Quote' design adds a visual emphasis to the review, making it stand out on your site.
We hope these improvements will enhance your experience with the widget designer. Thank you for choosing our product.
Testimonial Image Designer
We are excited to announce a new update to the Testimonial Image Designer!
With this update, you can now easily create customized images for your marketing campaigns.
Simply choose a template, customize the image to your liking, and download the final product for use in newsletters, ad creatives, and social media posts.
We encourage you to try out the updated image designer and let us know what you think. Happy creating!
Image Designer
A Unique Personalized Landing Page for each of the users from whom you are requesting testimonials
We are constantly looking at ways to optimize the testimonial collection rate.
The more personalised you make the testimonial request, the better the chances of getting a top quality testimonial.
If you are collecting testimonials at scale and do not know specifically who is going to submit a testimonial, it probably makes sense to display a generic testimonial collection form to such users.
However, if you know exactly whom you are requesting testimonial from and if you want top quality testimonials, then it makes sense to be as personalised as possible.
For example, if you send a collection form with personal video requesting a testimonial from the user or if you sent a message recalling your last interaction with the user, the users are that much more likely to submit a testimonial.
Which is why SocialPrf provides you the option to create a unique landing page for each user with their own personal message and video increasing your chances of getting the best testimonial.
Get SocialPrf now -
Improved Video Testimonial Recording Experience
It just became easier to collect top quality video testimonials with SocialPrf
Here are the updates:
  1. You can now record a video message requesting for a testimonial in the collection form.
  2. You can also now leave video instructions to your users, so that your users know exactly what kind of testimonial you are looking for.
  3. Your users can easily record/ re-record their video testimonials easily on both mobile and desktop.
Video Landing Page
Try the new recorder here!
Upgraded 'Wall of Love' feature: stunning designs
The effort you put into collecting testimonials deserves to be marketed well!
Our new Wall of Love feature makes it easy to showcase your positive feedback in a stunning appealing way, helping to build trust and confidence in your brand.
We are excited to announce that all users now have access to our beautiful new Wall of Love designs.
Edit and customise your Wall of Love in seconds, make it your own!
You can customize everything from the CTA, colors, navigation and text. And the best part, you can host it in your own domain too!
Tag Testimonials Based on Rules
Tag multiple testimonials in one go by setting up rules.
As your testimonials count grows, it will be difficult to manually tag each testimonial individually.
This is where this new feature will help.
Quickly create a new tag and setup rules for tagging. Once saved the rule will run tagging. all the testimonials that match the condition.
Screenshot 2022-11-01 at 19
You can setup a rule like - if Testimonial Source Equals
Google Reviews
then apply tag to testimonials imported until
whose rating
= 5
Check out the feature and let us know how you like it.
AI Based Review Responses
Responding to reviews can often be overwhelming. Every review deserves a response. Especially the bad ones.
We have released a new feature that allows you to respond to reviews using AI. This feature will help you save time by automatically creating responses to reviews.
• You can save time by responding to reviews quickly.
• The AI will help you respond to reviews more accurately.
• You can use AI to respond to reviews in a professional manner.
• The AI will help you keep your responses consistent.
You can further fine tune AI generated responses before submitting them.
Submit responses directly to Google Reviews or send users a personalized email - all from SocialPrf.
Here is a short video on how this works
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